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Exploring campus through Instagram Reels


Over the past year, @UBGSE’s social media followers have enjoyed a more vibrant view of our lively and energetic campus through Instagram Reels. This fun short-form video content has transported our students, alumni, faculty and staff to different campus destinations. In one Reel, the GSE community watched a brilliant sunset at Baird Point. In another, they observed UB’s famous geese in their favorite place on campus, Lake LaSalle

While Reels are meant to be short, they can pack in stops at many landmarks around campus. At the beginning of the spring semester, viewers enjoyed the campus from a student’s perspective. They visited the Bronze Bison in front of the Center for the Arts, a Bulls game at UB Stadium and Hayes Hall on South Campus, among other locations—all in under ten seconds. And, in another quick snippet of footage, GSE’s Instagram audience found themselves on a virtual tour of the magnificent fall foliage throughout the North Campus.

From blooming spring flowers to lesser-known campus hangout spots and special UB inside jokes, these videos help capture what life is really like at UB—and @UBGSE loves #KeepingItReel on Instagram to highlight the best that UB has to offer. 

You can find some of the best places to study, relax or watch the sunset through the Reels on our Instagram page @UBGSE

Enjoying a beautiful sunset at Baird Point is the perfect way to destress this finals week.

Celebrating the new semester! We hope our #UBGSE students are excited to embrace life at #UBuffalo.

A little birdie told me that the geese are trying to take over as #UBuffalo’s mascot.