Retirement: Elizabeth Lesswing

Elizabeth Lesswing

Coming full circle

Image of Elizabeth Lesswing.

After 30 years of service to UB and GSE, I have retired as a person with many completed goals. GSE has allowed me to enhance my career skills as well as grow as a person, while participating in many workshops and meetings to understand such competencies as strategic thinking and inclusiveness. Not only did GSE help me grow as a person, but I was also given the opportunity to complete my bachelor’s degree while working for GSE. I am forever grateful to UB and GSE for developing me into who I am.

My proudest moment, however, would be watching the students walking across the stage at commencement—I felt like they were my own children. My time at GSE started in the admissions office. Knowing and following the students from admission to commencement was a thrill every time. I’m proud to say I remain friends with about a dozen students to this day. I still love watching them grow and live their best lives.  

On a personal note, I am ecstatic to say I am about to welcome a granddaughter to the family. Her mom, my daughter-in-law, also works at UB. Maybe one day, my granddaughter will work at GSE, too! Talk about full circle!