New beginnings

Image of graduates from the Graduate School of Education at the 2021 commencement ceremony.

In a break with tradition, UB President Satish Tripathi conferred GSE degrees outdoors during the 90th commencement ceremony at UB Stadium on Friday, May 14.

Instead of gathering at the Center for the Arts, GSE’s traditional graduation venue, our graduates celebrated their new degrees in the sun on a breezy spring morning.

For so many faculty, staff and students, this graduation day was especially memorable because it was their first visit back to campus since COVID-19 led UB buildings to close.

As the graduates readied to forge new career paths, the world around them was continuing to adapt to the changes the pandemic provoked. In spite of the masks, vaccinations and testing required to attend the ceremony, the crowd was glad to be there.

We are looking forward to next spring when we expect more new traditions to emerge alongside the tried and true rituals of the past.

Buffalo, N.Y., May 14, 2021. (UB Photos/Amber Winters)