Teacher Residents

The second class of 15 in the GSE Teacher Residency Program, a partnership with Buffalo Public Schools, began in the summer of 2020 with a virtual institute. Each student is working with a mentor teacher at their assigned school. They will co-teach this year while taking courses that connect research and theory to teaching. Once they finish in August, 2021, residents are certified and eligible to work as full-time teachers in Buffalo schools. Here, members of this year’s class explain how they expect the residency to shape their careers.

Meet the Residents

The Arthur A. Schomburg Fellowship Program at UB provides financial support for master’s and doctoral students who demonstrate that they can contribute to the diversity of the student body, and that they have overcome a disadvantage or other barrier to success in higher education.

Dayna Boone

Portrait of Dayna Boone.

Dayna Boone earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and worked as an intern in the Health Promotion office and was a Campus Living resident advisor. She liked the residency’s mentorship approach.

I loved the mission of the program. I knew I wouldn’t have gotten this anywhere else.”

Griffin Coyne

Portrait of Griffin Coyne.

Griffin Coyne earned a bachelor’s degree in English, and has been working as a gallery assistant and bartender at a local art and event space. He was attracted by the residency’s immersive approach.

We receive real-time, relevant coursework that won’t be lost over the span of a few semesters.”

Gary Crump

Portrait of Gary Crump.

Gary Crump earned a bachelor’s degree in history. He also earned a law degree from Case Western Reserve University. He supervised a high school equivalency diploma program and is particularly interested in training in city settings.

The one-year residency affords us a practical deep dive into the everyday life of a teacher.”

Sara Gullo

Portrait of Sara Gullo.

Sara Gullo has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She worked as a substitute teacher in Buffalo schools and sought out the residency to teach full-time in the diverse classrooms of the city she loves.

I aspire to be a transformational elementary school teacher and create a classroom environment that is a safe place.”

Lindsey Hanes

Portrait of Lindsey Hanes.

Lindsey Hanes earned her bachelor’s degree in anthropology. She has worked as a classroom aide, behavior technician and teaching assistant in local schools. She is eager to lead a classroom of her own.

It’s time to embrace my passion … This program felt like it was tailored to my dreams.”

Micah Harris

Portrait of Micah Harris.

Micah Harris a Marine veteran, earned his bachelor’s degree in history with a coaching minor. He has been substitute teaching and coaching football and basketball.

I want to be a teacher and, eventually, a school principal.”

Jahil Jocelyn Joseph

Portrait of Jahil Jocelyn Joseph.

Jahil Jocelyn Joseph earned a bachelor’s degree in French. He chose the residency to focus on his studies and teaching.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, help students and create a positive and equal environment for all.”

Berkeley Kozuch

Portrait of Berkeley Kozuch.

Berkeley Kozuch earned a bachelor’s degrees in biological studies and Spanish. She ran an elementary school after-school program and enrolled in the residency to learn how to help students create change.

I want to have a positive impact on our future and the community while…showing my students the importance of education and the power of science.”

Cassidy McGee

Portrait of Cassidy McGee.

Cassidy McGee earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies with a Spanish minor. She chose the residency for its supportive approach and community focus.

I want to do something that matters. I want to help people and I want to involve myself in my job at a level that provides the most impact.”

David Panepinto

Portrait of David Panepinto.

David Panepinto earned a bachelor’s degree in English and a law degree. He’s worked as an assistant district attorney in Erie County and for a nonprofit helping Alaska Natives develop their courts. He chose the program to inform his teaching with research and theory.

I want to use my experience to help urban students reach their full potential.”

Brianna Perry

Portrait of Brianna Perry.

Brianna Perry earned a bachelor’s degree in social work and an associate degree in nursing. She has worked as a school nurse and liked the residency for including a stipend with coursework and job search assistance.

It has been my dream to be a teacher.”

Ivey Pittman

Portrait of Ivey Pittman.

Ivey Pittman earned a bachelor’s degree in history. Her passion for teaching followed an experience mentoring troubled students. She wants to develop a theater-related after-school program.

I can relate to a lot of students in urban areas. I feel as though it is my duty to help prepare them for life after school.”

Devan Rodriguez

Portrait of Devan Rodriguez.

Devan Rodriguez has a bachelor’s degree in English. Before enrolling, he was working on an MFA in fiction, writing a book and leading writing workshops.

The residency program has a unique method of coteaching...I want to teach high school and college while
continuing to work on my novels.”

Monet Simpson

Portrait of Monet Simpson.

Monet Simpson earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Since graduation in May, she’s worked as a food service supervisor and a babysitter for a child with autism. She looks forward to working with a mentor teacher.

I expect that I will gain an immense amount of insight on a multitude of programs, protocols, and teaching styles.”

Courtney Smith

Portrait of Courtney Smith.

Courtney Smith earned a bachelor’s degree in individualized studies. Her interest in teaching followed her work as a teacher’s aide.

I wanted to become a teacher but didn’t think I could do it because my undergraduate degree was not in education. The residency program was a way I could fulfill my goal of teaching.”