Learn Magazine: Fall 2020, Issue 1

Cover of Fall 2020 GSE Learn Magazine, photo of protest in downtown Buffalo.
Cover of Fall 2020 GSE Learn Magazine, photo of protest in downtown Buffalo.
UB GSE's new magazine: Revamped, reimagined, renamed, relaunched. Learn Magazine debuts with stories about faculty, students and alums, and their contributions to education and the community. In this most unusual year, when a pandemic collided with new social justice awareness, the people of GSE adapted, taught, studied and learned how to educate in an unprecedented time.

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At first, 2020 seemed like a straight-forward, normal year, new and full of promise.

At UB, research made news, enrollment grew.

Before spring broke, whatever we had in mind for 2020 changed.

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Faculty member Catherine Cook-Cottone.
Closeup photo of yellow pencils.
Closeup photo of yellow pencils.

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Fall 2020  •  Issue 1

Editorial & Creative Director
Amber Winters

Senior Editor
Michelle Kearns

Web Design & Production
William J. Belz III

Erik Tingue

Graphic Design
Ellen Stay

Contributing Writers
Marcene Robinson
Melinda Miller
Doug Sitler

Contributing Photographers
Kyle S. Mackie
Doug Levere
Nick Lippa

Contributing Illustrator
Jennifer Salucci

Copy Editor & Proofreader
Arthur Page

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