Qualitative Methodology, AC

If you are a UB doctoral student (UB master's students may seek permission to enroll) looking for advanced training in qualitative methods or looking to apply research skills to address specific institutional problems, this advanced certificate is for you. Our advanced certificate in qualitative methodology provides you with an opportunity to specialize in a qualitative methodology within the social and human sciences — responding to the increased demand for research informed by qualitative methods across multiple institutional and organizational settings.

Open to UB Graduate Students

This program is only available for current University at Buffalo graduate students.

New Program for Fall 2018

This program has been approved to enroll new students for the fall 2018 semester. The application will be available in the coming weeks.

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Why Qualitative Methodology at UB?

Through our certificate, you will gain skills in:

  • collecting, analyzing and reporting data
  • using a variety of methodologies, including case study research, ethnography, discourse analysis and related qualitative strategies

Program Overview

Academic credential granted Advanced Certificate (AC)
Credits required for completion 12
Time to completion 2 to 4 semesters
Course delivery On campus

Qualitative research within institutional and organizational settings, including:

  • federal and private granting agencies
  • government agencies
  • non-profit organizations
  • schools and universities
Application deadline Priority Deadlines
Fall: April 1, then rolling until Aug. 10
Spring: Nov. 1, then rolling until Jan. 10
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