Employment Resources

Our programs are developing the next generation of college professors, educational leaders and policy makers solving problems at all levels of education. Our students acquire the knowledge of the complex nature of the modern college/university, leadership in K-12 schools and policy making that impacts education, and the research skills to further understand these areas.

Where Our Students Work

Our graduates are working in a wide array of positions from residence life and new student programs to admissions, enrollment management and international education offices, to athletics, alumni engagement, development and administrative offices in academic affairs. Recent graduates are working at colleges and universities across Western New York, New York State and the nation, and in leadership positions in K-12 schools. A number of our international students have returned to their home countries to assume faculty and administrative roles in colleges and universities, as well as positions in ministries of education.

Preparing for Your Job Search

Job searching can be an exciting but stressful process. Make it more manageable—start early and develop a plan.