Research Seminar Series

Upcoming Seminars

  • Jennifer Campbell-Meier | Information Under the Skin: Information Experience of Tattooed People
    The Tattoo and Information research project explores the information experience of people with tattoos. The central premise of the project is that people experience complex engagement with information during all stages of the tattoo process. Many people enjoy having tattoos and consider them not just aesthetic expressions of their tastes and interests, but also an expression of their identities.
  • Tanja Merčun | User Studies in the Context of Bibliographic Information Systems
    User studies play a pivotal role in understanding users' information needs, behaviors, preferences and challenges when interacting with bibliographic information systems, such as library catalogs and digital libraries. This presentation will review four user studies conducted over the past 10 years that use different methodological approaches and address different research questions related to bibliographic information systems.