Personal Action Strategies

Core to the mission, vision and actions of GSE is the creation and commitment to a climate that affirms equity, diversity, justice and inclusion (EDJI). This ongoing responsibility and promise must center the inclusion of individuals, ideas and perspectives that are unique and reflective of the human experience. Our goal is that you will gather helpful and meaningful information, inspiration and energy from these resources and strategies. 

Personal Action Strategies

Consider some of these strategies to guide your exploration of EDJI perspectives, which will hopefully shape your actions and engagement within GSE and beyond.

Bullet number one.

Evaluate your prior life experiences and educational opportunities and identify where they fell short in exposing and educating you about EDJI issues.

Bullet number two.

Identify how to increase your awareness of racism and anti-blackness so you are able to engage in the GSE community to address these key realities affecting our work. Then do the same work around indigeneity heterosexism, transphobia, anti-Semitism, islamophobia and disability justice.

Bullet number three.

Create a plan to examine your awareness, expand your knowledge, extend your skills, and engage in action to center EDJI issues in every aspect of your professional life and to combat inequities and injustice in our community.

Bullet number four.

Take advantage of every opportunity to educate yourself about individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences than your own — through books, films, conferences or conversations.

Bullet number five.

Explore your own assumptions, attitudes and beliefs about those who are different from you in identity, experience and culture.

Bullet number six.

Engage in and promote active and ongoing dialogues around EDJI issues between and within groups you are affiliated with or are part of.

Bullet number seven.

Appraise how inclusive your program, department and community are and how students from under-served and under-represented backgrounds are doing. 

Bullet number eight.

Seek out ways to engage in EDJI education and affirm and celebrate diversity in every aspect of your community.