Employment Resources

Woman counseling a young child.

Services offered by school counselors, school psychologists, educational psychologists, counselor educators, rehabilitation and mental health counselors, and counseling psychologists are invaluable at all levels of schooling and in the community. This becomes more evident as children and adults are increasingly challenged by the demands of school, work, family and society.

Our Students Work to Help People

Our graduates find professional employment as:

  • New York State (NYS) licensed psychologists
  • NYS licensed mental health counselors
  • Nationally certified rehabilitation counselors
  • NYS certified K-12 school counselors
  • NYS certified school psychologists in public schools
  • Faculty in higher education
  • Researchers
  • Statisticians
  • Counseling center staff, in colleges and universities, private industry, government agencies, community social services agencies, hospitals and clinics.

Preparing for Your Job Search

Job searching can be an exciting but stressful process. Make it more manageable—start early and develop a plan.

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