Brian Hughes

Science and the Public, EdM

Brian Hughes.

Brian Hughes

"I have found the Science & the Public program to be stimulating and rewarding, both in terms of its content and in terms of the experience of taking the program at a distance (from Ireland). Working in education, I am frequently faced with the challenge of communicating complex science ideas to audiences whose level of understanding is only just emerging. The program has been extremely worthwhile in empowering me to take on this challenge.

My background is in the behavioral sciences. As such, I find the territory covered in the SAP program doubly stimulating. Not only does the program draw attention to some of the barriers faced when communicating scientific findings to public audiences, but the program also draws attention to the fact that these barriers can be psychological as well as institutional.

Taking the program from Ireland has thrown up no difficulties for me. In fact, it has been particularly rewarding to be part of a group of international students who are located in many places around the world."