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Starting the year off right on social media


The beginning of a new academic year at GSE warrants a celebration! That’s why plenty of GSE students and faculty shared their triumphant moments across social media platforms during the first week of classes. Their posts created quite the buzz online by expressing enthusiasm about furthering their academic and professional pursuits at our institution.

On Aug. 29, there were numerous posts tagging @UBGSE and hashtagging #UBGSE to commemorate the kick-off of new scholarly chapters. Students and faculty shared their scholastic adventures, including embarking on new positions, degrees and scholarships.

Posting moments of pride about educational and career advances on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook creates a sense of community and empowerment here at GSE.

For example, Timothy Monreal and Naomi Thompson, assistant professors of learning and instruction, snapped selfies outside their new office spaces.

A photo of Tim Monreal pointing at his office sign in Baldy Hall.

And Dawnavyn James shared a post expressing her excitement about starting her doctoral degree studies at GSE.

Dawnavyn James shared a photo of her UB name badge from student orientation.
Naomi Thompson pictured in a selfie next to her office door nameplate in Baldy Hall.

Professor Christopher Hoadley joined in by sharing a new phase in his career. After working at New York University for the past 14 years, he joined the UB faculty and will be leading a new initiative in learning sciences. “We’re cooking up big plans, not only for academic programs, but also for interdisciplinary research initiatives that envision how the learning sciences can support more just, more resilient, and more innovative communities in Buffalo and beyond,” he said.