Assessment in Museum and Library Makerspaces

Headshot of Peter Wardrip.
Peter Wardrip, PhD

Department of Curriculum and Instruction in STEAM Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Video of presentation "Assessment in Museum and Library Makerspaces" by Peter Wardrip.

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Seminar Date: April 25, 2024

Makerspaces in museums and libraries have expanded a great deal in the last 10 years. As these spaces and programs have progressed, some have sought to incorporate assessment to be responsive to learners, program improvement and justify their work, among other reasons.

This talk will share from several projects how educators have worked with researchers to design assessments that are practical and relevant to the educators’ goals.

Peter Wardrip is an assistant professor of STEAM education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focuses on informal/formal learning collaborations, professional learning for educators, formative assessment and making as a learning process.

Peter earned his PhD in learning sciences and policy from the University of Pittsburgh and is currently a visiting researcher with the University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out of School Environments (UPCLOSE) and the Learning Media Design Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Peter enjoys playing soccer, euchre and drinking hot cocoa with his family.

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