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AI+Education Learning Community Series.

Published January 23, 2024


AI + Education Learning Community Series launched by UB’s Graduate School of Education

Christine Wang.

UB GSE professor and associate dean for research, X. Christine Wang, collaborated to create this AI + Education series.

Buffalo, NY - The Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo (UB) is launching the AI + Education Learning Community Series. In collaboration with the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, the Center for Information Integrity and the Institute for Learning Sciences at UB, as well as the National Science Foundation/Institute of Education Sciences-funded National AI Institute for Exceptional Education, this series aims to create a collaborative platform for professionals in K-12 and higher education to better understand AI in education. Together, educational researchers, learning scientists, AI experts, K-12 educators, and leaders and practitioners in related fields will explore the vast potential AI holds for personalizing learning and optimizing educational outcomes while addressing potential ethical and equity concerns. 

Scheduled to occur every fourth Tuesday of the month via Zoom from 4 to 5 p.m. The series will kick off with the inaugural session, “Introduction to AI and Its Use in Educational Settings.” Over the subsequent months, a diverse array of topics will be covered, including leveraging machine learning for personalized education, ethical considerations of AI in education, data privacy and security, mental health and well-being innovations, learner engagement and much more.

“We are thrilled to provide a platform where education professionals can enhance their understanding of AI’s implications in educational settings,” said Suzanne Rosenblith, UB’s Graduate School of Education dean and professor. “This series will serve as a sandbox for practitioners and researchers, enabling them to collaborate to better understand the promises and affordances of AI in educational settings.”  

The AI + Education Learning Community Series is structured to cater to the multifaceted needs of educators, researchers and practitioners. It seeks to not only deepen the understanding of AI’s role in education but also foster connections with potential collaborators and community partners.

“We envision this series as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration,” added X. Christine Wang, professor and associate dean for research at UB’s Graduate School of Education. “By addressing critical topics such as educational equity, adaptive learning experiences, and immersive technologies, we aim to empower educators and students with the knowledge and tools necessary for the evolving landscape of education.”

The AI + Education Learning Community Series is open to all interested professionals in the education sector and related fields. Registration details and the full schedule of sessions can be found on the UB Graduate School of Education’s website. 

Series Schedule Overview:

  • January (1/23): Introduction to AI and Its Use in Educational Settings
  • February (2/27): Leveraging Machine Learning for Personalized Education/Special Needs
  • March (3/26): Navigating Ethical Implications of AI in Education
  • April (4/23): Ensuring Data Privacy and Security  
  • May (5/28): Enhancing Mental Health and Well-being through AI Innovations 
  • June (6/25): Improving Learner Engagement: AI and Humanization 
  • July (7/23): Synergizing AI with Teaching Strategies for Classroom Excellence 
  • August (8/27): AI in Assessment: Crafting Adaptive Learning Experiences 
  • September (9/24): Immersive Learning with VR and AR Technologies
  • October (10/22): Bridging Formal and Informal Learning via AI 
  • November (11/19): Promoting Educational Equity and Accessibility via AI 
  • December (12/17): AI Literacies for K-12 Students and Teachers

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Amber M. Winters, Assistant Dean for Marketing and Director of Communications and Events
Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo
Phone: 716-645-4590
Cell: 585-356-8345

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