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Sam Abramovich

Sam Abramovich

Associate Professor


Specialty/Research Focus

Information Science; Achievement; Assessment; Cultural Studies; Cognition; Design and Analysis of Longitudinal Research; Design Experiments; Educational technology; Evaluation; Gamification; Large-Scale Assessment and Research; Learning Design; Measurements; Online and Distance Learning; Qualitative Research Methods; Quantitative Research Methods; Research Design; Research Methods

Contact Information
511 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: 716-645-3174

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Professional Summary:

My research interests include finding and understanding the learning opportunities presented by the intersection of the Learning Sciences and Emerging Technology, especially Assessment For Learning. This includes research on digital badges, online rating systems, Makerspaces, and Open Education Resources - all to help guide education improvement and reform.

Education and Training:
  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh (2013)
  • MT, University of Virginia (2003)
  • BA, Brandeis University (1998)
Awards and Honors:
  • National Science Foundation Data Consortium Fellow; NSF; 2016-08-01;
  • Edmund W. Gordon MacArthur Foundation/ETS Fellowship; Gordon Comission; 2013-06-30;
  • HASTAC Media Scholar; MacArthur Foundation; 2012-06-01;
Recent Publications:
Journal Article:
  • McBride, M., & Abramovich, S. (2022). Crossing the boundaries through OER adoption: Considering open educational resources (OER) as boundary objects in higher education. Library & Information Science Research, 44(2), 101154.
  • Baptiste, Y. M., Abramovich, S., & Browne, C. J. (2021). Measuring the value of a digital supplemental resource. Advances in Physiology Education, 45(4), 685-693.
  • Abramovich, S., & Wardrip, P.S. (2020). Can digital badges strengthen religious ethnic-cultural identity in a religious education setting?. British Journal of Religious Education 42:3, 338-349.
  • Cun, A., Abramovich, S. & Smith, J. (2019). An assessment matrix for library makerspaces. Library & Information Science Research, 41(1), 39-47.
  • Abramovich, S., & McBride, M. (2018). Open Educational Resources and Perceptions of Financial Value. The Internet and Higher Education, 39, 33-38.
Recent Presentations:
  • Bonnette, R., Abramovich, S., Decker, A., & Fabiano, G. A. (2022, March). Building Ecosystems of Belonging for Neurodiverse Students: A Discussion of Instructor Practices and Training Needs. In Proceedings of the 53rd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education V. 2 (pp. 1192-1192) (Online).;
  • Abramovich, S. (2020, September). Using Open Education Resources as a Tool for Equity, Diversity, Justice, and Inclusion. Presentation at the University at Buffalo’s Graduate School of Education Teach-In for Racial Equity, Buffalo, NY (Moved to Online).;
  • Mason, J., Reed, A., & Abramovich, S. (2020, June). A Micro-Credential Alliance to Democratize Recognition. Presentation at Badge Summit 2020, Costa Mesa, CA (Moved to Online).;
  • Wardrip, P., Chang, S., Penney, L.., Abramovich, S., Millerjohn, R., Kumar, V., Martin, C., Widman, S., Penuel, W.R., Chang-Order, J., & Halverson, E. (2020, June). Assessment in Hands-On Library Leaning Spaces. Symposium presented at the 2020 ICLS, Nashville, TN (Moved to Online).;
  • Kruger, J. & Abramovich, S. (2019, May). Writing an OER Textbook with 75 Undergraduates: The Challenges, Successes, and the Lessons Learned. Presentation at SUNY Conference on Instruction & Technology, Purchase, NY.;
Recent Grants:
  • BPC-DP: Building Ecosystems of Belonging for Neurodiverse Computer Science Students; Federal; National Science Foundation; Awarded; (10/01/2021-09/30/2023)
  • ALLMs: Assessment for Learning in Library Makerspaces; Federal; Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS); Awarded; (10/02/2018-09/30/2022)
  • SUNY Open Education Resources Grant; State; SUNY; Awarded; (08/01/2018-06/30/2019)
  • SUNY Open Education Resources Grant; State; SUNY; Awarded; (08/01/2017-06/01/2018)
  • The SUNY Open Education Research Lab; State; State University of New York - IITG; Awarded; (08/01/2016-06/30/2017)
Recent Activities:
Professional Service:
  • Financial Officer for International Society of the Learning Sciences
  • APA Division 15 Early Career Research Grants Committee
Recent Editorships:
  • Guest Editor; Information and Learning Sciences

Contact Information

511 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: 716-645-3174

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