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Janice DeLucia

Janice DeLucia

Director, School Counseling, EdM and AC

Associate Professor


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Contact Information
403 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: (716) 645-1107

Education and Training:
  • MS, University of Maryland, Family Studies (1984)
  • BA, Eisenhower College, Psychology/Community Studies (1983)
  • PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
Awards and Honors:
  • 2018, Graduate School of Education Dean’s apple award; GSE; 2018-05-11;
Recent Publications:
Edited Book:
  • DeLucia-Waack, J., Mercurio, M., Korta, S., Maertin, K., Colvin, F., Martin, E., Zawadski, L., & Giambrone, C. (2014). School counselors share their favorite classroom guidance lessons: A guide to choosing, planning, conducting, and processing. Alexandria, VA: Association for Specialists in Group Work.
Journal Article:
  • Altabef, D., Meier, S., Reynolds, A., DeLucia, J., & Friedling, L. (2017). Therapist response to a distressed client: Differences in active listening and changes in negative affect. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 1-6. doi: 10.1002/capr.12124
  • Cosgrove, H., DeLucia, J., & Nickerson, A. (2017). Past peer victimization and current adult attachment in college students. Journal of College Counseling, 20, 22- 36. doi: 10.1002/jock.12056
Book Chapter:
  • DeLucia, J. (2018). Foreword. In S. Springer & L. Moss (Eds.), A school counselor’s guide to small groups: Coordination, leadership, and assessment. Alexandria, VA: ASGW.
  • DeLucia, J. (2018). Groups for adolescents. In D. Capuzzi & M. Stauffer (Eds.), Group counseling (6th ed.) (219-237). New York: Guilford.
Recent Presentations:
Invited Lectures:
  • DeLucia, J.., & Nitza, A. (May, 2019). Groups for Children and Adolescents to Promote Coping Skills. Puerto Rico TRICO. Annual Conference.;
  • DeLucia, J., & Smythe, A. (February, 2018). Groups for adolescents. Workshop presented at Association for Specialists in Group Work, Savannah, GA.;
Recent Activities:
Professional Service:
  • Member, New York State Advisory Council on School Counseling Regulations, February 2018 to present
  • Member, Alberti Center Advisory Board
  • Member, Alberti Center Advisory Board

Contact Information

403 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: (716) 645-1107