Ana Luisa Muñoz-García, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Ana Luisa Muñoz-García.

Ana Luisa Muñoz-Garcia, educational culture, policy, and society doctoral program alumna, is a self-described academic and feminist. She is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, where she focuses on educational research and the construction of knowledge in academia, internationalization, and gender in higher education. As a researcher at the Millennium Nucleus Project, she studies the trajectories of students in higher education. From 2018 to 2020, she was the president of the Chilean Educational Research Network.

Today, Muñoz-Garcia continues to positively impact the field of education by leading a project focused on gender and knowledge in academia (2021-2024), funded by the Chilean National Agency of Research and Development and working as the General Editor of the Latin American Educational Research Journal (since 2020). Working from the Association of Women Researchers in Chile, her studies and feminist dialogues have been vital to different discussions for law projects on gender issues in higher education and policies on gender and knowledge within the ecosystem of research in Chile.

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