Lenora Cole, PhD '74

Commissioner, Board of Elections and Ethics

Lenora Cole.

Lenora Cole, PhD, has dedicated her life and professional career to help eradicate racial inequalities and stereotypical gender roles. Her accomplishments include developing curricula and programs to educate economically, culturally and mentally challenged youth in school districts in Buffalo and Chicago, and serving as vice president for student affairs at the American University and the University of the District of Columbia. At both institutions, she strengthened and created student development programs to recognize the needs of all students.

During the height of the women's movement, President Ronald Reagan appointed her director of the Women's Bureau of the Department of Labor, to create standards and policies for women in the workforce. In this position, she was the chief government spokesperson for employed women, and directed the Washington office and 10 regional units.

Cole has traveled extensively, both nationally and internationally, advocating for working women and advising them of their rights, opportunities and responsibilities. She has also served her community as a board member for numerous non-profit and professional organizations, and is currently one of three commissioners of the Board of Elections and Ethics of the District of Columbia.