Julie A. Gorlewski, PhD '08

Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Julie Gorlewski.

Julie Gorlewski, PhD, has been a recognized leader in the field of education. Gorlewski has been a steering committee member or co-director of eleven national conferences examining issues such as critical media literacy, equity and social justice, and the role of politics in policy development and implementation in education. She has also worked directly with members of the New York State Board of Regents and the assistant commissioner of education to address the role of private corporations in the teacher certification process.

Gorlewski’s scholarship matches her accomplishments as a leader. She has authored nine books (two of which received the Critics’ Choice Award for Excellence from the American Education Studies Association), 14 book chapters and over two dozen refereed research articles. In addition, Gorlewski has made over 75 presentations at national and international conferences for organizations such as the American Educational Research Association, Multicultural Education Association, and the National Council of Teachers of English.

Further evidence of her leadership in the field of education is Gorlewski’s co-editorship (since 2013) of the English Journal, the premier publication of the National Council of Teachers of English. During the past four years, the English Journal has featured themed issues addressing topics such as Black textual expressivities, digital literacy, Native feminist texts, the standards movement, and teaching and learning in a democracy.

Gorlewski’s research studies investigate the lived experiences and literacy practices of students and teachers as they navigate contexts which are deeply influenced by today’s external accountability measures. She is using case stories and critical incidents to cultivate critical dispositions in preservice and practicing teachers.