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Ying Sun

Ying Sun

Associate Professor


Specialty/Research Focus

Information Science; Big Data; Information Retrieval; Human Computer Interaction; Science Education; Quantitative Research Methods; Research Design

Contact Information
528 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: 716-645-2412

Education and Training:
  • PhD, Rutgers University (2005)
  • MS, Rutgers University (2003)
  • MLIS, Peking University, China (1999)
Recent Publications:
Journal Article:
  • Wang, C., Liu, X., Wang, L., Sun, Y., & Zhang, H. (2021). Automated scoring of Chinese grades 7–9 students’ competence in interpreting and arguing from evidence. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 30(2), 269-282.
  • Yang, B., Sun, Y., & Huang, S. (2020). Measuring visibility of disciplines on Chinese academic web. Journal of Information Science, 0165551520968059.
  • Li, S., Sun, Y., & Soergel, D. (2018). Automatic Decision Support for Clinical Diagnostic Literature Using Link Analysis in a Weighted Keyword Network. Journal of medical systems, 42(2), 27.
  • Meloche, J., Sun, Y. (2015). A Q Methodological Study on Perceptions of What Would Enhance Distance Education. Management Education: An International Journal. 13(4) 15-27
  • Kantor, P. Smith, C.L. Sun, Y. (2017). A Program for Better Human Computer Collaboration to Counter Terrorism. White paper for Social and Behavioral Sciences for National Security.
Recent Presentations:
  • Schwartza, D.G., Sun, Y, Shuklaa, R., Sullivanc, S.S., Lorenzc, R.A., Chang, Y., Barthelemyd, J., Dubocovichd, M., Elkina, P.L. (2019) Multidisciplinary Approach to Biomedical Data Science Education at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. MedINFO 2019, Lyon, France. August 25- 30, 2019.;
  • Wang, J. & Sun, Y. (2019). Improving explicit term matching with implicit topic matching for short text conversation. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, October 19-23, 2019, Melbourne, Australia, 56(1):286-295.;
  • Wang, J., Sun, Y. & Soergel, D. (2019). Expanding comments using previously responded posts for short text conversation in open social media. DEStech Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering, DOI: 10.12783/dtetr/icicr2019/30622.;
  • Schwartz, D. and Sun, Y. (2019). Data science training for library and information science graduate students and practicing health sciences librarians. Medical Library Association ’19 annual conference.;
  • Yang, B., Sun, Y. (2018). Visibility of Disciplines in Academic Web Space. The 2018 Annual Meeting of Association for Information Science and Technology.;
Recent Grants:
  • Data Science Training for library and information science graduate students and practicing health sciences librarians; Federal; NIH; Awarded; (09/30/2018-09/29/2019)
  • Developing a Formative Assessment System using Computer Simulation and Computerized Text Analysis for a First-year Undergraduate Introductory Physics Course; Local; GSE Seed Grant; Awarded; (06/17/2016-06/30/2017)
Recent Activities:
Editorial and Review:
  • Editorial board member, International Journal of Knowledge Engineering.
Recent Editorships:

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Contact Information

528 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: 716-645-2412