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Maureen P. Boyd (she/hers)

Maureen P. Boyd



Specialty/Research Focus

Curriculum and Instruction; Elementary Education; Curriculum and Instruction; Literacy; Linguistic, Discourse, and Sociocultural Context; Qualitative Research Methods

Professional Summary:

My research analyzes classroom talk patterns across time to better understand the roles, functions and impact of teacher and student talk on teaching and learning. I examine the instructional repertoires of elementary teachers as they use children's literature to teach language, content, and literate practices. I have a special interest in questioning, response-able talk practices, and what a dialogic stance to teaching and learning can look like in our classrooms.

I have published in peer-reviewed research journals including Elementary School Journal, Research in the Teaching of English, Journal of Literacy Research, Discourse Processes, Linguistics and Education, Pedagogies, Research Papers in Education, and Language and Education; and peer-reviewed practitioner journals such as Reading Teacher and Language Arts. I’ve also written several chapters in edited volumes. My book, Real talk in elementary classrooms: Effective oral language practice, is co-authored and published by Guilford Press. I am currently writing my second book: Instructional practices to support dialogic teaching at elementary level: Teacher agency in cultivating classroom talk, published by Routledge.

I am a CEDiR (Cambridge Education Dialogue Research) Associate Member, University of Cambridge, UK. View CEDiR associates.

Education and Training:
  • PhD, University of Georgia, Language and Literacy Education
  • MA, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland, English Literature
Recent Publications:
Journal Article:
  • Boyd, M. P., Vasquez, C. & Monaco-Shevlin, C*. (2024). “When anybody speaks, we all need to be involved”: Classroom Conditions that Support Dialogic Space. Theory Into Practice. 63(2).
  • Boyd, M.P. & Sherry, M. (2024). Introduction to Special Issue Dialogic Space across Educational contexts. Theory into Practice. 63(2).
  • King, C.U., Boyd, M.P., & Reid, S. (2024). Creating Dialogic Space Around Purposeful Selection for Reading and Teaching Diverse. Theory Into Practice. 63(2).
  • Boyd, M.P. (2023). Teacher talk that supports thinking and talking together: Three markers of a dialogic instructional stance. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 39.
Recent Presentations:
  • Boyd, M.P. & Jilani, R. (2024, September 18-21). Dialogic space: Relations with, and participation in, dialogue with difference. [Paper in Symposium: Potential and challenges of creating dialogic space in multimodal and asynchronous learning contexts]. EARLI SIG 20 &26 Conference 2024, Berlin, Germany.;
  • Boyd, M.P. (2024, September 18-21). Opening up and Building upon: Supporting Participation in Dialogic Space. [Paper in Symposium: Taking up [dialogic] space: Arguments for uptake in learning environment design]. EARLI SIG 20 &26 Conference 2024, Berlin, Germany.;
  • Boyd, M.P., Vasquez, C.R. & Monaco- Shevlin, C. (2024, April 11-14). “When anybody speaks, we all need to be involved”: Classroom conditions that support dialogic space [Paper in Symposium: Opening and Sustaining Dialogic Space of Possibilities: Examining Talk in and across International Classrooms]. American Educational Research Association (AERA), Philadelphia, PA, USA.;
  • King, C., Boyd, M.P. & Reid, S. (2024, April 11-14). Critical Inquiry, Dialogic Space and Purposeful Selection of Diverse Children's Literature [Paper in Symposium: Critical Inquiry and Dialogic Space]. American Educational Research Association (AERA), Philadelphia, PA, USA.;
  • Vasquez, C.R. & Boyd, M.P. (2024). Dialogic Space in an Adult ESOL Class [Individual Paper]. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Houston, Texas, USA.;
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Professional Service:
  • Theory Into Practice Co-Editor Special Issue on Dialogic Space
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