University at Buffalo

Katheryne T. Leigh-Osroosh (She/They)

Katheryne T. Leigh-Osroosh

Assistant Professor


Specialty/Research Focus

Access and Equity; Cultural Competence and Humility; Race, Inequality, and Education; Racism and AntiBlackness; School and Community Partnerships; Social Justice; School Counseling

Professional Summary:

Dr. Katheryne T. Leigh-Osroosh is an experienced counselor educator and qualitative researcher. Her scholarship critically examines experiences of injustice within education and career development, the role of counselors in social justice work, community-participatory approaches in counseling, and Indigenous-centered and anti-racist practices.

Education and Training:
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Missouri- St. Louis, Counselor Education and Supervision (2018)
  • Certificate of Advanced Study, The University of New York at Buffalo, School Counseling (2013)
  • Masters in Education, The University of New York at Buffalo, School Counseling (2012)
  • Bachelor of Science, Delaware Valley University, Livestock Science & Management (2010)
Recent Publications:
  • Hutchison, B., Wambu, G., & Leigh-Osroosh, K.T. (2022). School to Career 5th ed. Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher. Tinley Park: ILL.
Journal Article:
  • Leigh-Osroosh, K.T., Robinson-Zañartu, C., Kinlicheene, B., & Koos, M. (2022). Truth Seeking, Truth Telling, and Deep Listening: Disrupting Colonialism with Indigenous-Centered Frameworks in School Psychology Preparation. Journal of School Psychology Training and Pedagogy. 39 (3-4).
  • Leigh-Osroosh, K. T. (2021). The Phenomenological House: A Metaphoric Framework for Descriptive Phenomenological Psychological Design and Analysis. The Qualitative Report, 26(6), 1817-1829.
  • Leigh-Osroosh, K.T., & Hutchison, B. (2019). Cultural Identity Silencing of Native Americans in Education. Race and Pedagogy Journal: Teaching and Learning for Justice, 4. Article 3.
  • Leigh-Osroosh, K.T. (2020, July 26). It’s time for JHS to rise above, acknowledge, and remove the mascot [Op-ed]. The Post Journal, A5.
Recent Presentations:
  • Leigh-Osroosh, K.T. & Copeland, C.1 (2023, March). Justice in counseling for Native American Indigenous Peoples. American Counseling Association, Toronto, Canada;
  • Leigh-Osroosh, K.T. (2023, March). Career identity development in individuals living with epilepsy. American Counseling Association, Toronto, Canada.;
  • Pipitone, R., Brown, C., & Leigh-Osroosh, K.T. (2022, June). Balancing Health and Ambition: Applying health aware practices in career counseling [Virtual Conference Presentation]. NCDA Global Conference, Anaheim, California.;
  • Leigh-Osroosh, K.T. (2022, March 12). A Community Based Participatory Framework for School Counseling Curriculum [Conference Presentation]. Evidence-based School Counseling Conference, virtual conference.;
  • Leigh-Osroosh, K.T., & Robinson-Zañartu, R. (2022, April 24). Interprofessional Communities of Practice Model Towards Advancing Equity in Education. In Grimes, T. (Chair), Breaking Silos: Using collaboration to improve student mental health outcomes and create equitable education systems [Symposium]. American Educational Research Association Annual meeting. San Diego, CA, United States;
Recent Grants:
  • Supporting high-intensity mental health needs of Native and Indigenous youth: School psychologist and counselor advanced preparation (SHPA); Federal; Department of Education; Awarded; (10/01/2019-10/31/2025)
Recent Editorships:

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