Awards and Funding Opportunities

Internal Awards and Funding Opportunities

Award Notification

All award winners will be announced at the annual faculty and staff end-of-year luncheon with a celebration and photo shoot planned for the recipients. For funded proposals, the earliest project starting date will be early August.

GSE has established an “Innovative Teaching Grant” to encourage faculty to plan and implement broad and creative solutions to persistent educational issues and dilemmas. The goal is to encourage faculty to propose innovative pedagogical approaches that produce new ways of thinking about teaching praxis and build greater teaching capacity in particular programs. While these can include approaches that employ technology, they are not limited to them. This grant will support efforts to investigate and address key pedagogical questions and to bring the fruits of that investigation back into GSE classrooms for improved learning and career readiness.
One of the recommendations from the GSE Task Force Report, Excellence in Research and Innovation: A Road Map to Increased External Funding, Impact, and Distinction, is providing seed grants for GSE faculty to conduct foundational research in order to get ready for submitting large external research grants. The MEGAS program is aimed toward providing financial and related resource support to GSE faculty members writing for external grants.  MEGAS supports interdisciplinary research projects that have the best potential to ultimately result in large (i.e., > $100,000), external research grants.
GSE Faculty 4 S.T.A.R. Awards were established by GSE’s Executive Committee (2014-2015) to help recognize the excellent work of our faculty in all the ways they contribute to GSE’s mission expressed through Service, Teaching, Advising, and Research. The purpose of the GSE Faculty 4 STAR Awards is to recognize individual faculty excellence in each of these four areas so critical to GSE’s mission using, GSE workload guidelines, contributions to UB 2020, and the Envisioning themes. Nominations will be reviewed by a faculty and student committee representing each GSE department.