Communications and Marketing

Our communications and marketing team manages internal and external communications for the Graduate School of Education to share news and information with all of our audiences, including future students, current students, faculty, staff and alumni.

  • 9/11/19
    We value your input.  Get in touch to request a web content update, send us a suggestion or let us know about a web problem.
  • 8/5/21
    If you are a Graduate School of Education student, faculty member, staff member or alumnus, we encourage you to share your news.
  • 7/25/18
    As important as our school’s work is, it can seem routine to those of us on the inside. Sometimes we don’t recognize the stories that are right in front of us. Here are ways to help you think creatively about your department’s activities.
  • 8/5/21
    Please contact us with questions related to Graduate School of Education marketing or communications.
  • 8/10/18
    Our visual identity guidelines provide a strong, unified set of standards to represent the many departments, programs and offices in the Graduate School of Education under the UB umbrella in support of our strong, consistent and unified brand. Templates and tools for a variety of purposes have been developed for use by faculty and staff.