Meet Our Residents

Portrait of Yolanda Attaglo.

Yolonda Attaglo

Partnered with Fredrick Law Olmsted, School #156

I have been a teacher's aide with BPS, a charter school aide and a child therapy aide. My future objective is to become an English educator and influence my students to achieve and surpass their individual goals. I live in an urban setting and I have found that I can relate to these students because of my background and ethnicity. I applied to UBTR because I want to inspire and motivate students to always do their best. I believe the program will help me grow personally, give me new perspectives and provide many learning experiences.

Portrait of Matthew Cato.

Matthew Cato

Partnered with BUILD Community School

I have taught seniors at Lafayette High School in Buffalo and fourth graders in Brooklyn, N.Y. These two teaching experiences instilled in me the importance of consistency in the classroom and how to be a better communicator and nurturer. I applied to UBTR because I want to learn what I can do to assist the children that I aim to uplift on a daily basis. My goal is to become an elementary school teacher. The UBTR program will ensure that I gain a much more meaningful experience and the knowledge to help me serve those students in need.

Portrait of Sydney Favors.

Sydney Favors

Partnered with South Park High School

I was once a BPS student and wondered why diversity in the teaching staff didn’t match the diversity of the student population. I applied to UBTR because the program acknowledges the need for a diverse workforce to provide an effective education for the students of Buffalo. The UBTR program will provide me with the educational and social foundations to be a successful teacher and administrator. I have participated in civic engagement projects in Buffalo and Washington, D.C., and want to become an educator to promote change in the educational system.

Portrait of Jack Frisicaro.

Jack Frisicaro

Partnered with South Park High School

I fell in love with Buffalo Public Schools after working as a teacher’s assistant at Lafayette International High School, and my goal is to be a high school English teacher. As an undergraduate, I worked as a consultant at the UB Center for Excellence in Writing. I believe UBTR will allow me to begin working as a teacher under the guidance of an experienced mentor. This opportunity will give me the knowledge and confidence I need to begin teaching a class of students on my own.

Portrait of Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones

Partnered with Hutch Tech High School

I worked as a substitute teacher in the Syracuse City School District and always wanted to be a high school English teacher. I want to help students find their voice by giving them an open platform to express themselves through creative writing assignments. My classroom will be an inclusive safe space for students to explore the lessons to be found in all genres of literature and writing, and I hope to be a positive influence on my students. I feel UBTR will help me become a successful teacher, and I would like to work in BPS for the duration of my career.

Portrait of Coral Lopez.

Coral Lopez

Partnered with Hutch Tech High School

I came from the Dominican Republic when I was 14 years old. I applied to UBTR because I want to assist students like the way my teachers helped me. It is important to have teachers who understand your background and life. I believe the UBTR program will provide me with the necessary tools to be an effective teacher. I have worked as a substitute biology teacher at Hutchinson Central Technical High School and as an Upward Bound science tutor. My goals are to be certified in biology, chemistry and American history, and eventually earn a PhD.

Portrait of Christina Mata.

Cristina Mata

Partnered with Hutch Tech High School

I want to be a Spanish teacher so I can make a difference for students whose first language isn’t English. I was a substitute teacher in Texas and a teacher's aide for the Williamsville Central School District. I applied to UBTR after learning about the world language teacher shortage experienced in many parts of New York. This is a great opportunity because UBTR will prepare, mentor and facilitate my experience in becoming a future Buffalo Public School teacher while contributing to a better educational experience in urban school settings.

Portrait of Steven Mcilwain Jr.

Steven Mcilwain Jr.

Partnered with BUILD Community School

I have participated in the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Prevention Services and a college environmental grant in which I helped create public service announcements that highlight prosocial healthy behaviors. I want to be a part of change and be influential in the urban school system, impacting the lives of children on a day-to-day basis. The UB Teacher Residency Program will help me impact the lives of others because it will help me stay outside of my comfort zone and have a voice that is beneficial in the urban school system.

Portrait of Miriam Monfiston.

Miriam Monfiston

Partnered with B.E.S.T School # 6

I discovered my love for teaching at UB, and became a fourth-grade teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y. It is so rewarding to watch my students grow and be able to teach them that they can be successful as long as they have the drive to do so. My first interaction with students in a classroom started at UB and I feel that it is only right to continue my educational journey at the university. I applied to UBTR because of the opportunity to gain knowledge from professors and mentors while developing my educational craft, and grow as a teacher and a person.

Portrait of Caitlin Orgek.

Caitlin Orgek

Partnered with Hutch Tech High School

I was an English teaching assistant in Germany on a Fulbright grant. While in Germany, I taught bilingual lessons with a focus on social studies to students in fifth through 10th grade. I applied to UBTR because I believe teachers can make a huge difference in students’ lives. I like the idea of co-teaching in Buffalo Public Schools and gaining initial experience there because I can continue to work in the district for at least three years after. My goal is to eventually earn TESOL certification so I can assist English language learners in the classroom.

Portrait Angelique Santiago.

Angelique Santiago

Partnered with BUILD Community School

I found my love for teaching at Rochester Prep Elementary School #3, where I have been teaching the past three years. I knew this was the kind of work I wanted to pour all my energy and love into. As a teacher, I want to construct a foundational layer of knowledge for students and provide a safe space for children to grow and be themselves. I feel UBTR will allow me to give back to underserved communities and challenge me to become the best teacher my students deserve. I will be the first member of my immediate family to earn an EdM degree.

Portrait of Tara Strade.

Tara Strade

Partnered with B.E.S.T School # 6

I am a 2019 recipient of a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence and a recipient of the UB Nancy Welch Award. I intend to bring the knowledge I gain from UBTR to historically underserved populations. I am excited to learn from my teachers, future students and other faculty members to help become the best educator I can be. I applied to UBTR to increase the ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity of classrooms by forming meaningful relationships with my students and their families. My goals are to earn certification in early childhood/childhood and special education.

Portrait of Harrison Watkins.

Harrison Watkins

Partnered with South Park High School

I want to make a difference as a teacher in the Buffalo Public Schools. Throughout my life, teachers have helped me tremendously and I want to return the favor by doing the same for my students. I believe UBTR will help me achieve this goal by providing the support and resources I need to succeed. I think the toughest part of teaching is the first year but I also feel that gaining real-world experience in UBTR will make my first year easier. My long-term goal is to earn a master’s degree in school administration and become a principal.