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A $1.9 million National Institutes of Health grant will enable UB professor Myles S. Faith to test a family-based treatment for childhood obesity using innovative technology that allows study participants to be treated in their homes.


Working with the Greece Central School District, researchers aim to help teachers recognize and report sexual abuse.


The grant also funds research centers in geographic information and in education innovation at UB.


UB’s Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention takes on the challenges of bullying abuse and people with disabilities at its annual daylong conference on Sept. 29.

School News

Sam Abramovich, assistant professor from the Department of Learning and Instruction and the Department of Library and Information Studies, is the director of the Graduate School of Education’s Open Education Research Lab. The core mission of the lab is to actively engage and support the study of the State University of New York open education efforts.

GSE's new combined-degree program called UB teach will allow students to obtain their teacher certificate in five years.

Before Richard Lamb was a teacher, he was a soldier. In addition to spending eight months in Bosnia, Lamb served in Afghanistan for over a year, beginning September 22, 2001.
The belief that parents can shape positive behavior and experiences in their children, including those with behavioral challenges such as ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), is well known. Traditional positive parenting programs have typically been used for mothers, creating a need for a program that would lend itself more to fathers.