Online Learning

The Graduate School of Education understands the need for flexibility in learning and is committed to online education by offering a wide variety of high-quality, fully online and blended programs. Coursework is delivered by the same high-quality faculty teaching in our physical classrooms. Explore our variety of online options and find the program that's right for you.

A to Z By Academic Credential By Category

The programs below are available fully online. Check program pages for additional requirements.

Undergraduate Minors

  • 3/25/20
    Our counseling minor, open to all UB undergraduate students regardless of your major, is designed to be a pre-professional sequence of courses in the counseling field. This minor will prepare you for entry level positions in social service agencies or prepare you for graduate studies in counseling, psychology, social work or a related helping profession. This program does not lead to licensure to practice counseling.
  • 1/27/20
    Education impacts virtually every member of modern society. Our undergraduate minor in education is for you if you are interested in a career in teaching, interested in how people learn, or want to know how to effectively share information with your supervisors and peers.
  • 2/14/20
    The education leadership and policy for equity minor is designed for undergraduate students interested in critically exploring some of the most pressing issues facing education today. This minor offers coursework that will prepare undergraduate students for entry-level positions in educational leadership, policy, non-profits and a variety of other organizations. The education leadership and policy for equity minor will help students develop a focused understanding of sociopolitical, cultural and economic issues that affect equity in schools, colleges and communities in today’s globalized society.
  • 1/27/20
    Our information studies minor, open to all UB undergraduate students regardless of your major, offers you the opportunity to develop skills in digital literacy and information management. Digital literacy is, now more than ever, important in our everyday activities and in a wide range of careers across many fields. The minor focuses on the management, policy, security and learning potential of information. No matter which graduate program or career path you choose, information is at the core of what you will do. 


  • 9/1/20
    Our educational psychology and quantitative methods program focuses on preparing you, as a researcher, to address problems in diverse educational settings, with the ultimate goal of improving teaching and learning, classroom and school organization, inequities in opportunities to learn, the assessment of educational outcomes, and a range of other pressing educational issues. Educational psychologists have a common philosophy that we learn about educational processes, and ultimately improve them through the collection and study of empirical research data. Our program includes the study of human development, cognition and motivational processes. 
  • 9/14/20
    If you have substantial English content background, wish to be a leader in English education, aim to teach English nationally or internationally, and are not seeking New York State teaching certification, our English education studies program will provide you the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals.  
  • 9/1/20
    Our fully-accredited master's program in information and library science focuses on enabling you to seek professional employment in a wide range of information careers in the United States and around the world. Our program, accredited by the American Library Association, is offered fully online.
  • 9/14/20
    If you currently teach or plan on teaching and want to learn more about developmental reading, and are not seeking New York State teaching certification, our literacy education studies program will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals. Our program will expand your knowledge of the theories, methods, and materials of reading, reading instruction, language, language instruction and reading assessment, enabling you to develop competencies that will enrich students’ capabilities.
  • 9/14/20
    If you have substantial math content background, wish to be a leader in math education, aim to teach math nationally or internationally, and are not seeking New York State teaching certification, our math education studies program will provide you the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals.  
  • 4/29/20
    Our master's program in rehabilitation counseling focuses on preparing you to become a competent and skillful rehabilitation counselor. Our program is fully accredited by the New York State Education Department and the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), and may lead to you becoming a nationally-certified rehabilitation counselor. As a rehabilitation counselor, you will provide psychological, social and vocational rehabilitation services to people with physical, mental/psychiatric, cognitive or sensory disabilities at various stages in their lives.
  • 9/9/20
    Our master's program in school librarianship, registered by the New York State Education Department, is authorized to recommend you for certification for the library media specialist, K–12 initial certificate. This fully online program focuses on preparing you to teach in a 21st century school library. All courses include the latest research-based, best practices occurring in the school library field. You will be exposed to strategies and techniques for teaching information literacy, based on new standards of practice as outlined in the Common Core Learning Standards and the Annual Professional Performance Review.
  • 9/14/20
    Our master's program in science and the public focuses on preparing you to engage in public activities and debates related to science, promote science literacy and understanding in the public at large, and promote scholarship in science and humanism, science and public policy, and science in the political, religious and secular environments.

Teacher Education Program


  • 9/29/20
    Are you interested in exploring research questions in information science? Are you considering moving into a faculty position in the field? Do you want to enhance your leadership experience in libraries? If you answer yes to any of these questions, our doctoral program in information science is your ticket to the next phase of your career. A PhD in information science will give you the opportunity to develop sophisticated quantitative and qualitative research skills to equip you to delve into the complex information problems facing humanity and contemporary organizations. As human interaction and cultural expression continue to be facilitated digitally, the workings of digital technologies, their impact and their uses need to be understood. Our doctoral degree in information science will provide the opportunity to study these issues in depth. The information field is changing rapidly, and offering myriad opportunities for future scholars of information science.

Advanced Certificates (AC)

What are advanced certificates?

Advanced certificates are short, focused programs at the graduate level designed to give you advanced skills in a particular subject or area of specialization. You can enroll in these certificate programs as a stand-alone option, or you can study concurrently with another program at UB.

  • 7/29/20
    Our advanced certificate in applied statistical analysis focuses on providing a solid foundation from which you may pursue either doctoral studies or a career as a researcher whose job entails analyzing statistical data (especially as related to education). This certificate enhances your employability, and any student holding or pursuing a master's or doctoral degree from any discipline may complete this certificate.
  • 9/14/20
    Our advanced certificate program in college teaching is for you if you teach or plan to teach within post-secondary education and you would like to enhance your skills and employability. This program prepares you—with your pre-existing content discipline expertise—to use the elements of effective college teaching, assessment, technology integration and 21st century learning tools.
  • 2/24/20
    Our advanced certificate in library and information science is for you if you have completed your master's degree in information and library science and want to upgrade your competencies or wish to change career directions. This program requires the completion of 18 credit hours of interdisciplinary study tailored to your academic needs and goals.
  • 8/19/20
    Our advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling focuses on providing you with the necessary skills to transform the lives of your clients and advance your career goals. If you hold a master’s degree in counseling, our program will result in your eligibility to take the New York State licensing exam in mental health counseling. 
  • 4/29/20
    Our rehabilitation counseling advanced certificate program is for you if you hold a master’s or doctoral degree in counseling or a related field of study and you want to help veterans or people with disabilities return to work or live independently. You will learn the background education and information needed to effectively work with clients to overcome or manage the personal, social and professional effects of disabilities on achieving their goals. Our program provides you with the educational requirements to be eligible for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) exam under the new Category 3 guidelines (formerly Category D and R). Additional guidelines are set and approved by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) requirements.