Cops and Cameras Public School Security as a Policy Response to Columbine

Lynn A. Addington

CHAPTER: Surveillance and Security Approaches Across Public School Levels

Lynn A. Addington

Bullies in Blue The Origins and Consequences of School Policing

Nicole L. Bracy

Circumventing the Law: Students’ Rights in Schools With Police

Nicole L. Bracy

Student Perceptions of High-Security School Environments

Nicole L. Bracy

School Social Workers’ Perceptions of School Safety and Security in Today’s Schools: A Survey of Practitioners Across the United States

Matthew J. Cuellar, Susan E. Elswick & Matthew T. Theriot

An Investigation of School Social Worker Perceptions toward School Security Personnel

Matthew J. Cuellar, Susan E. Elswick & Matthew T. Theriot

Social Work and School Safety

Matthew J. Cuellar and Mason

Books or Guards? Charter School Security Costs

Karen J. DeAngelis & Brian O. Brent

The Hidden Cost of School Security

Karen J. DeAngelis, Brian O. Brent, and Danielle Ianni

School Resource Officers and Exclusionary Discipline in U.S. High Schools: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Benjamin W. Fisher and Emily A. Hennessy

Social Control in Schools: The Relationships between School Security Measures and Informal Social Control Mechanisms

Benjamin W. Fisher, Joseph H. Gardella & Emily E. Tanner-Smith

School Security Measures and Longitudinal Trends in Adolescents’ Experiences of Victimization

Benjamin W. Fisher, Thomas J. Mowen, and John H. Boman IV

Promoting Collaboration Among Education Professionals to Enhance School Safety

Michael J. Furlong

The Scientific Evidence Supporting an Eight Point Public Health Oriented

Michael J. Furlong

Understanding the Critical Links between School Safety and Mental Health: Creating Pathways toward Wellness

Michael J. Furlong

The Role of Schools in Sustaining Juvenile Justice System Inequality

Paul J. Hirschfield

Discipline and Participation: The Long-Term Effects of Suspension and School Security on the Political and Civic Engagement of Youth

Aaron Kupchik and Thomas J. Catlaw

Race, Poverty, and Exclusionary School Security: An Empirical Analysis of U.S. Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Aaron Kupchik and Geoff Ward

The New American School: preparation for post-industrial discipline

Aaron Kupchika and Torin Monahan

Disabling Punishment: The Need for Remedies to the Disparate Loss of Instruction Experienced by Black Students with Disabilities

Daniel J. Losen

11 Million Days Lost: Race, Discipline, and Safety at U.S. Public Schools Part 1

Daniel J. Losen and Amir Whitaker

Judicially-Led Responses to the School Pathways to the Juvenile Justice System Project

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Contributed by John Rosiak

School Order, Justice, and Education: Climate, Discipline Practices, and Dropping Out

Anthony A. Peguero and Nicole L. Bracy

Visible School Security Measures and Student Academic Performance, Attendance, and Postsecondary Aspirations

Emily E. Tanner-Smith and Benjamin W. Fisher

School-To-Prison Pipeline

Sarah E. Redfield & Jason P. Nance

Governing Your SRO Program: We're All Part of a Safety Team

John Rosiak

How SROs Can Divert Students from the Juvenile Justice System

John Rosiak

How SRO Programs Can Actually Divert Youth from Pipeline

John Rosiak

School Resource Officers: Benefits and Challenges

John Rosiak

How SRO Programs can Benefit from Research

Timothy Servoss and John Rosiak

School Suspensions and Adverse Experiences in Adulthood

Kerrin C. Wolf & Aaron Kupchik