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The practice of naming infectious diseases after specific people or places perpetuates xenophobia around the globe, according to Tiffany Karalis Noel, a UB GSE expert on sociocultural inequity.
For the thousands of schools around the nation grappling with the decision to reopen, extending remote learning could place immense stress on teachers balancing motherhood and the rising expectations for educators.
Raven Baxter, a.k.a. “Raven the Science Maven,” is a 26-year-old UB GSE PhD science education student who took on the coronavirus and went viral herself. Her rap music video “Wipe it Down” about keeping clean and keeping safe went on YouTube last week, got her a story on local Spectrum News and CNN’s “must-watch” list.
A collaborative grant with the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library will offer library patrons new opportunities to learn and create in a makerspace, as well as ways to measure and assess this new learning and creativity.
Guided-play sessions are part of a new research project at Early Childhood Research Center in collaboration with Fisher-Price, implementing a curriculum starring Code-a-pillar, the educational toy designed to teach coding concepts and foster computational thinking among preschoolers.
A win-win: UB students foster an interest in teaching and gain experience beyond the standard university classroom; elementary students strengthen their literacy and communication skills through interactions with new mentors.
Make a difference in the lives of young people by becoming an expert in your discipline and a skillful teacher.
Make a difference in the lives of young people by becoming an expert in your discipline and a skillful teacher.
Advisers, teachers and others who work with women studying in STEM fields can help students stay in their programs by encouraging mentorship opportunities that establish a sense of “belonging” with their academic and professional colleagues.
Sydney Favors, a UB Teacher Resident, teaches a history class at South Park High School. Sydney is one of 12 teacher residents in the inaugural class working full time for the entire school year alongside veteran teachers. They take classes in the summer, at night and online. They receive an $18,000 stipend and obtain their master’s degree after 15 months.
Vasquez has compiled an impressive and diverse portfolio of singing accomplishments for decades, ranging from films, television and theater, as well as international recognition for his interpretation of tango songs.
A UB interdisciplinary research team is exploring infants’ ability to recognize and prefer certain types of music to further understand the relationship between musical exposure and cognitive processes.
At Roots of the Future, Liuzzo has created a learning environment that is different from traditional schools.
Free five-day summer camp designed to show students how math can be exciting
A training method designers compare to a “flight simulator for teachers”
Immersion into 3D environments and the vast potential as an educational tool
A new UB combined-degree program called UB Teach will allow students to become eligible for a teacher certificate in five years while becoming an expert in their preferred discipline.
President Satish K. Tripathi interviews Raven Baxter, a PhD student in the Graduate School of Education and a champion for diversity in STEM as part of “Take 5” series.
Qinghua Chen collects 100 art pieces made by 60 children in seven countries since schools closed and is identifying cultural differences.