Advanced Certificates (AC)

Advanced certificates are short, focused programs at the graduate level designed to give students advanced skills in a particular subject or area of specialization. A range of advanced certificate programs are offered both on campus and online. These certificates can be taken concurrently with another program at UB, or as a stand-alone program.

Our advanced certificate program in college teaching is for you if you teach or plan to teach within post-secondary education and you would like to enhance your skills and employability. This program prepares you—with your pre-existing content discipline expertise—to use the elements of effective college teaching, assessment, technology integration and 21st century learning tools.
Our advanced certificate program in educational technology and new literacies is for you if you are interested in using the latest technology tools and teaching practices to meet the challenges of 21st century learning environments. The use of technology tools has created a framework called new literacies, which establishes social practices that enable learning concepts to be consumed in new ways.
Our advanced certificate program in gifted education is for you if you are interested in developing the potential and addressing the specific needs of high ability students. Our program is aligned with New York State Education Department requirements and will prepare you to work with gifted students who require educational programs or services that will help them realize their full potential.
Our advanced certificate program in literacy teaching and learning is designed for you if you have already been certified to teach in the areas of early childhood, childhood, adolescence or related educational areas (e.g., teaching English language learners, special education) or if you are an educational professional who desires more experience in the foundations of literacy learning and teaching.
Our advanced certificate program in music learning theory is grounded in theory, research and practice. This certification is designed for you if you are interested in the advanced study of Gordon's Music Learning Theory and its practical applications. Your program peers may include international and national, college and university professionals, as well as P-12 personnel.
Our advanced certificate program in teaching and leading for diversity is for you if you are interested in issues of diversity, multiculturalism and social justice. Our program focuses on the growing demand by educators for the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to address and embrace cultural diversity among students, one of the most important issues for educators in the 21st century.