Doctoral Degrees


Counseling, School and Educational Psychology

Our combined doctoral program in counseling psychology and school psychology, accredited by the American Psychological Association, focuses on preparing psychologists who can evaluate, provide and enhance human services through scientific inquiry and practice. Our program adheres to the scientist-practitioner model of training that provides you with an opportunity to receive specialized training in either counseling psychology or school psychology. The major difference between the two concentrations is counseling psychology's emphasis on older adolescent and adult populations as compared to school psychology's focus on child and adolescent client populations.
Our doctoral program in counselor education focuses on preparing you to teach counseling-related courses, supervise students, conduct research and participate in service activities related to the preparation of counselors and the advancement of the counseling profession. Our program is also for you if you are interested in pursuing a career in academia and higher education. 
Our doctoral program in educational psychology and quantitative methods focuses on preparing you to research problems in diverse educational settings. Educational psychologists improve educational processes through the collection and analysis of empirical data. The ultimate goal of this research is to improve teaching and learning, classroom and school organization, inequities in opportunities to learn, the assessment of educational outcomes, and a wide array of other pressing educational issues.

Educational Leadership and Policy

Our EdD doctoral program in educational administration is for you if you are a PreK–12 school leader/administrator at the building and/or district level and you are interested in furthering your academic and practical development. Our program is designed to prepare you to continue working in school systems and districts, frequently at the highest levels of administration. The EdD program is different from the PhD program in that the EdD has a greater emphasis on application to practice as a leader/administrator as compared to a focus on research and issues of theory for the PhD.
Our PhD doctoral program in educational administration will prepare you with the technical and theoretical skills for multipe roles, including college and university research, teaching and leadership; school district leadership; and public agency leadership. Our primary focus is on research and scholarship in educational administration and leadership, and finding new ways to integrate theory into practice. The PhD program is different from the EdD program in that the PhD emphasizes extensive preparation in research and is more focused on issues of theory as compared to an emphasis on application to practice as a leader/administrator for the EdD.
Our doctoral program in educational culture, policy and society is for you if you are interested in the links between educational institutions (P–16+) and broader social, cultural, political and economic forces and consequences. We examine the roles of social forces such as race, class, gender, (im)migration and economic restructuring in shaping differential trajectories and outcomes for varying learning communities. We also engage multidisciplinary perspectives in reimagining the possibilities of schooling and education to nurture more inclusive and just societies. Our program emphasizes three main areas: (1) institutions, policies and practices that facilitate or limit individuals' well-being, and social and economic equity; (2) sociological, anthropological and comparative modes of inquiry, in order to examine the interplay among policy, practice, discourse and educational reforms; and (3) cross-national comparisons of educational policies, practices and outcomes central to policymakers and school leaders around the world. Students are trained in multiple theoretical and methodological traditions to conduct critical educational research across a wide range of settings.
Our doctoral program in higher education will prepare you for a variety of professional paths, including leadership positions in college and university administration, higher education faculty and policy research. Our program focuses on issues of concern to scholars and leaders in all types of higher education institutions. Given the variety of positions that you can pursue post-graduation, your advisor will work individually with you to craft a course of study and pursue experiences that will help you meet your individual goals.

Learning and Instruction

Our doctoral program in curriculum, instruction and the science of learning is a multidisciplinary program that focuses on addressing practical educational problems through research in diverse contexts for learning and teaching. You can create your own customized program to meet your research and career interests in one of these five concentrations — elementary education, English education, mathematics education, reading education and science education –or in the general track that allows for an innovative interdisciplinary focus.
Our doctoral program in elementary education will prepare you for positions of educational leadership in K–12 schools, higher education or in state education departments. With a focus on research and teaching, our program offers you the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research in elementary education and work with faculty experts across formal disciplines.
Our doctoral program in foreign and second language education focuses on preparing you for research, teaching and administrative posts in colleges and universities, and for positions of educational leadership in the schools or in state education departments. The mission of our program is to foster the development of foreign/second/bilingual language education practitioners and researchers who can understand and analyze language teaching and learning, and language policy to improve language and content teaching and learning in diverse educational contexts.

Library and Information Studies

No programs currently offered