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Ying Sun

Ying Sun

Associate Professor 10 Months


Specialty/Research Focus

Contact Information
528 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: (716) 645-2412

Education and Training:
  • PhD, Rutgers University (2005)
  • MS, Rutgers University (2003)
  • MLIS, Peking University, China (1999)
  • Developing a Formative Assessment System using Computer Simulation and Computerized Text Analysis for a First-year Undergraduate Introductory Physics Course; Local; GSE Seed Grant; Awarded; (06/17/2016-06/30/2017)
Journal Article:
  • Li, S., Sun, Y., & Soergel, D. (2018). Automatic Decision Support for Clinical Diagnostic Literature Using Link Analysis in a Weighted Keyword Network. Journal of medical systems, 42(2), 27.
  • Li, S., Sun, Y. & Soergel, D. (2015). A new method for automatically constructing domain-oriented term taxonomy based on weighted word co-occurrence analysis. Scientometrics, 103(3), 1023-1042.
  • Sun, Y. (2015). Literature recommendation to support clinical diagnostic decision - An approach based on link analysis in the weighted keywords network. International Journal of Knowledge Engineering. 1(2), 134-140.
  • Xu, X. Sun, Y. (2015). Non-technological innovation: a Literature Review in China and Abroad. Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information
  • Li, S., Sun, Y. (2015). A personalized mobile information service framework based on Web request access mode and vibrating algorithm of time unit. Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information. (in Chinese).
  • Meloche, J., Sun, Y. (2015). A Q Methodological Study on Perceptions of What Would Enhance Distance Education. Management Education: An International Journal. 13(4) 15-27
  • Sun, Y. (2014). A Text mining approach to analyze public media science coverage and public interest in science. International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing, 4(6) 496-500.
  • Kantor, P. Smith, C.L. Sun, Y. (2017). A Program for Better Human Computer Collaboration to Counter Terrorism. White paper for Social and Behavioral Sciences for National Security.
  • Xu, X., Sun, Y. (2015). A study on construction of evaluation framework of Innovation voucher scheme based on life cycle. ICMSE 2015.
Invited Lectures:
  • Sun, Y. (2018) Information retrieval in legal e-discovery. Department of Nanjing Agricultural University, Najing, Chian. June 2018;
Editorial and Review:
  • Editorial board member, International Journal of Knowledge Engineering.

    Contact Information

    528 Baldy Hall
    North Campus
    Phone: (716) 645-2412