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Seong Won Han

Seong Won Han

Assistant Professor


Specialty/Research Focus

Access and Equity; Achievement; Gender, Culture, and Equity; Global Issues; Educational Policy; Quantitative Research Methods; Sociology of Education

Contact Information
431 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: (716) 645-1080

Education and Training:
  • PhD, Ewha Womans University
  • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sociology
  • MA, Ewha Womans University
  • BA, Ewha Womans University
Awards and Honors:
  • OECD Thomas J. Alexander Fellow; Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); 2014-04-15;
  • AERA Dissertation Grant; American Educational Research Association (AERA); 2011-12-22;
  • Effects of state policy on high school science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) opportunities and outcomes for low-income underrepresented minorities.; Federal; National Science Foundation; Awarded; (08/01/2017-08/01/2021)
Journal Article:
  • Han, S. (2018). School-based teacher hiring and achievement inequality: A comparative perspective. International Journal of Educational Development, 61, 82-91
  • Han, S., Borgonovi, F., and Guerriero, S. (2018). What motivates high school students to want to be teachers? The role of salary, working conditions, and societal evaluations about occupations in a comparative perspective. American Educational Research Journal. 55 (1), 3-39
  • Camburn, E., & Han, S. (2017). Teachers’ professional learning experiences and their engagement in reflective practice: A replication study. School Effectiveness and School Improvement, 28(4), 527-554
  • Camburn, E., Han, S., & Sebastian, J. (2017). Assessing the Validity of an Annual Survey for Measuring the Enacted Literacy Curriculum. Educational Policy, 31(1), 73-107
  • Han, S. (2017). What motivates high-school students to pursue STEM careers? The influence of public attitudes towards science in comparative perspective. Journal of Education and Work. 30 (6), 632-652
  • Han, S. (2016). National education systems and gender gaps in STEM occupational expectations. International Journal of Educational Development, 49, 175-187.
  • Han, S. (2016). Standards-based external examinations and students’ science-related career expectations: An international perspective. Educational Research and Evaluation, 22(7-8), 374–401.
  • Son, J., Han., S., & Kang, C. (2016). A comparative analysis of the relationship among quality instruction, teachers’ self-efficacy, and student mathematics achievement between Korea and the US: Evidence from TIMSS 2011 data. Eurasia: Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education, 12(7), 1755-1779
  • Camburn, E., & Han, S. (2015). An Exploration of Association Between Teachers’ Professional Learning Experiences and Their Learning Outcomes. Journal of Educational Change, 16(4), 511-533
  • Han, S. (2015). Curriculum Standardization, Stratification, and Students’ STEM Occupational Expectations: Evidence from PISA 2006. International Journal of Educational Research, 72, 103-115
  • Camburn, E.M., & Han, S. (2011). Two decades of generalizable evidence on US instruction from national surveys. Teachers College Record, 113 (3), 561-610
  • Goldrick-Rab, S., & Han, S. (2011). Accounting for socioeconomic differences in delaying the transition to college. The Review of Higher Education, 34 (3), 423-445.
Book Chapter:
  • Han, S. (2017). From achievement to non-test outcomes in PISA: National trends in STEM career expectations. In A. Wiseman, & C. S. Taylor (Eds). The OECD’s impact on education worldwide (International Perspectives on Education and Society, Volume 31) (pp. 17-60). Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing.
  • Han, S., Son, J., & Kang, C. (2017). What do TIMSS studies show about math achievement inequality? A sociological perspective. In J. Son, J. Lo, & T. Watanabe (Eds). What matters: Research trends in international comparative studies in mathematics education (pp. 289-314) . New York: Springer.
  • Han., S., Son, J., & Kang, C. (2017). Examining the association between teacher feedback and mathematics instruction in Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the United States. In J. Son, J. Lo, & T. Watanabe (Eds). What matters: Research trends in international comparative studies in mathematics education (pp. 355-383). New York: Springer.
  • Camburn, E. M., & Han, S. (2009). Investigating connections between distributed leadership and instructional change. In Harris, A. (Ed). Distributed leadership: Different perspectives (pp. 25-45). Dordrecht: Springer.
  • Han, S., & Borgonovi, F. (2015). Who wants to become a teacher? PISA in Focus, December 2015 edition, No. 58. OECD Publishing, Paris. DOI:
  • Conferences:
    • Han, S., Borgonovi, F., & Guerriero, S. (2018, May). Why don’t more boys want to become teachers: The effect of a gendered profession on students’ career expectations. Paper presented at the Research Committee (RC) 28 on Social Stratification and Mobility, International Sociological Association, Seoul, Korea.;
    • Han, S., & Borgonovi, F. (2017, April). Trends in High school students’ expectations for the teaching profession: The role of teacher pay in a comparative perspective. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Antonio, Texas.;
    • Han, S., & Borgonovi, F. (2017, March). More boys left behind: The importance of school contexts in an international perspective. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society, Atlanta, Georgia.;
    Invited Lectures:
    • Han, S. (2017, November). Who wants to have a career in teaching? Trends between PISA 2006 and PISA 2015. OECD PISA Governing Board Members Meeting. OECD Headquarters, Paris, France, November 8, 2017;
    • Han, S. (2016, June). Gender disparities in teaching career expectations. Presented at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Symposium. From Inclusion and Equity in Education to Social and Economic Prosperity, OECD Headquarters, Paris, France, June 16-17, 2016.;
    • Han, S. (2015, November). Gender and teaching career expectations of high school students. Presented at the PISA International Conference, Scandic Holmenkollen Park, Oslo, Norway, November 9-10, 2015.;
    • Han, S. (2015, January). “Who Expects to Become a Teacher? A Comparative Perspective.” Presented at the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Education Forum, Paris, France, January 13, 2015.;
    • Han, S. “Teachers’ Working Conditions, Competitive Salaries, and Students’ Career Plans for the Teaching Profession: Evidence from PISA 2006” Presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Fall Research Conference, Washington DC: September 29 – October 1, 2014.;
    Editorial and Review:
    • I routinely review manuscripts for a wide variety of top tier journals.

      Contact Information

      431 Baldy Hall
      North Campus
      Phone: (716) 645-1080