Mentoring Program

mentoring program.

Join the network of Graduate School of Education alumni mentors who are giving back to the university by providing fellow alumni and current GSE students with career-related information and guidance.  

The Graduate School of Education Alumni Association (GSEAA) recognizes that education is an ever changing and increasingly complex institution. Given that premise, the need for students and alumni to develop professional networking opportunities emerges as a process for engaging in effective communication and problem solving. As one component of a professional network, GSEAA offers a mentoring program for Graduate School of Education (GSE) students and alumni. This program exists as an extension of the University at Buffalo Alumni Association mentoring program.

Mentoring Program Coordinator

John McKenna

Program Purpose

In the spirit of UB 2020 goals and the GSE Themes for Future Academic Excellence, the GSEAA mentoring program is designed to create an environment in which alumni and students can interact in a variety of ways to enhance professional growth. Our goal is to connect students and alumni both virtually and in person in order to strengthen community ties, communication, and career development.

Program Objectives

The following objectives are designed to assist students and alumni in professional development and employment related matters:

  1. To assist current students and alumni with gaining education specific employability skills not offered through traditional university programming.
  2. To provide information concerning opportunities for professional development in the various areas of education.
  3. To facilitate knowledge of and interaction between and among the various career components in the field of education.
  4. To provide professionals with opportunities for collaboration within, between, and among the various career components in the field of education.

General Program Design

The following represent the general program design for developing learning experiences that will result in demonstrated professional growth during and at the conclusion of the mentoring experience:

  1. A formal professional growth needs assessment will be developed based on input gathered from initial communication between mentor and mentee.
  2. Mentoring goals will be established through mentor/mentee collaboration based on the professional growth needs assessment.
  3. Strategies for meeting mentoring goals will be collaboratively developed. Examples of mentoring services include but are not limited to resume/curriculum vitae development, portfolio construction, improvement in employability, required verbal and/or written communication skills, and involvement in appropriate professional development activities.
  4. Mentor and mentee will establish initial timelines and level of mentoring intensity based on professional needs, goals, and strategies to be employed. It is suggested that the mentoring experience continue for a minimum of one year with the level of intensity to be determined upon progress towards professional growth goal completion.
  5. At the conclusion of the formal mentoring process, mentor and mentee are expected to complete a survey evaluation of the mentoring experience.

Program Process

  1. Each GSE alumnus interested in becoming a mentor will complete a Mentor Profile Form.
  2. Each mentee (GSE student or alumnus) interested in working with a mentor will review the Mentor List to identify a mentor he/she would like to work with based on similar degree, department, and career field.
  3. The mentee will contact the potential mentor and once a mentor/mentee relationship has been verified, the mentoring process will begin.
  4. The mentee will complete a Needs Assessment/Goals Form. The mentee will email this completed form to his/her mentor.
  5. The mentor will email the mentee’s name, department and/or career field, email address, and completed needs assessment/goals form to the mentoring program coordinator (name and email address below). The mentoring program coordinator will maintain records concerning each mentor/mentee relationship.
  6. Each mentor and mentee will follow the process outlined in the General Program Design section of this document.
  7. Each mentor and mentee will complete a survey evaluation at the conclusion of the mentoring experience:
    Mentor Survey   Mentee Survey

Alumni Mentor List

Mentor Degree Dept. Current Career Field Current / Most Recent Employer
Balkansky, Arlene
MLS LIS Reference Librarian Library of Congress
Barrick, Christopher
PhD CSEP Psychology University at Buffalo
Bergeron, Jamie
EdM ELP Higher Education Administrator Colgate University
Border, Charles
PhD ELP Higher Education Professor Rochester Institute of Technology
Coe, Jonathan
MLS LIS Library Science Niagara University Library
Cooley, Valerie
EdD LAI Non-Profit Administrator; Retired PK-12 School Administrator Child Care Resource Network
Crawford, June Justice
EdM LAI Retired U.S. Department of Education
Doberstein, Melissa
EdM ELP Higher Education Administrator Pennsylvania State University
Duncan-Olson, Jennifer
PhD CSEP Psychology Onondaga County Department of Mental Health
Farwell, Robert
EdM CSEP Retired High School Principal Orchard Park School District
Forgues, David
PhD ELP Higher Education Administrator University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Galluzzo, Charles
EdD ELP Elementary School Principal Williamsville Central School District
Godwin, Laura
EdM ELP Higher Education Administrator University of Rochester
Gradwell, Jill
PhD LAI Professor of Social Studies Education Buffalo State College
Hall, David
EdM LAI Adjunct Instructor; Senior High School Teacher Bryant and Stratton College; St. Mary's High School
Hazel, Jeffery
EdM ELP Director of Instructional Technology and Learning Niagara-Wheatfield School District
Hazzan, Peter
EdM ELP PK-12 School Administrator Genesee Valley Career and Technical Education Center
Hess, Jennifer
PhD ELP Higher Education Administrator UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jakubowski, Casey
Certification ELP Policy; Government New York State Education Department
Jones, Janet
MA CSEP Career Services; College Writing Instructor
Rutgers University
Karmazin, Karen
EdD LAI Retired PK-12 School Administrator University at Buffalo
Karre, Mary Ann
MLS LIS School Librarian and Technology Mentor Binghamton City School District
Kelly, Fran
PhD LIS Educational Technology Innovator Department of Defense
Kenney, Lawrence
EdD LAI Retired Higher Education Administrator Middlesex International College
Knecht, Elaine
LIS Library Science Hiscock and Barclay, LLP
Koehler, Susan
EdM LAI Consultant; Personal Life Coaching Self Employed
Komendat, Erin
EdM LAI Elementary School Teacher Albion Central School District
Kutno, Steve
PhD LAI Consultant to Schools Public Consulting Group
Langridge, Melissa
MLS LIS Library Science Niagara University
Lindsay, Daniel
EdM LAI Elementary School Teacher Fairfax County Public School
Maloney, Patricia
PhD ELP Higher Education Professor; Consultant Self Employed as Consultant
March, Cathleen
PhD LAI Higher Education Professor D'Youville College
Marino, Mark
EdM LAI Higher Education Professor Erie Community College
Marks-Hook, Michelle
EdM ELP Higher Education Administrator St. John Fisher College
McKenna, John
EdD ELP Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Williamsville School District
Mintz, Greg
CSEP Special Education PK-12 School Counselor St. Lawrence Lewis BOCES
Palmucci, Melissa
EdM ELP Higher Education Administrator University at Albany
Peters, Bernadette
PhD CSEP Licensed Psychologist Self Employed
Peters, Dawn
MLS LIS Library Science Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
Proweller, Amira
PhD ELP Research DePaul University, School of Education
Quintero, Pasquale
EdM ELP MBA Director
The College of New Jersey
Rosen (Stachewicz), Lynn
EdM ELP Higher Education Administrator University of Pittsburgh
Ruggiero, Melissa
EdM ELP Higher Education Administrator University at Buffalo School of Management
Schaeffer, Corinne
PhD LAI Higher Education Professor Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Schmid-Carter, Mary
EdM CSEP Director of Secondary Partnerships Central Carolina Community College
Smith, Kimberly
EdM LAI Elementary School Teacher Rochester City School District
Sneva, Christine
EdM ELP Higher Education Administrator Cornell University
Stewart, Megan
EdM CSEP Higher Education Administrator University at Buffalo
Stich, Amy
PhD ELP Higher Education Postdoctoral Associate Researcher University at Buffalo
Strife, Mary
MLS LIS Library Science West Virginia University
Tallman, Nathan
MLS LIS Archives Library Science American Jewish Archives at Hebrew Union College
Wangelin, Jessica
EdM ELP Former Higher Education Administrator University at Buffalo
White-Johnson, Adair
PhD ELP Associate Professor of Research; PK-12 School Counselor Argosy University; Marietta City Schools
Wlosinski, Amy
EdM ELP Assistant Director for Residential Operations University at Buffalo Campus Living
Wyatt, Patrick
EdM ELP Retired Senior High School Teacher Sweet Home Central School District
Zainul, Asmawi
EdD CSEP Retired Higher Education Administrator and Professor Rector of Sukabumi Muhammadiyah University, Indonesia
Zieziula (Willems), Amy
EdM ELP Director of Housing
SUNY Broome Community College

Mentoring Program Coordinator Contact

John McKenna (EdD '08, Educational Administration)