Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students

ADHD course intro

ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students is a four module course that will provide an overview of ADHD diagnosis and treatment. 

This course emphasizes practical information that a parent, educator or professional could use right away to support a child with ADHD in the home and classroom. The strategies covered within the course are supported by research evidence and are considered to be best practice within the field.

Course participants can expect to learn about:

  • ADHD as a developmental disorder that begins early in childhood
  • evidence-based approaches for diagnosing ADHD

No Cost

ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students is a NO-COST online course available through Coursera, the world’s largest open online education provider. ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students is designed and taught by Dr. Gregory Fabiano, one of the University at Buffalo’s award-winning top faculty, and is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. 

How Do I Register?

To register for the course, go directly to Coursera.  It's fast, easy and free. First sign up for a free Coursera Account, then simply enroll in the course.

A new session begins each month, so it's never too late to join!