Graduate School of Education Visual Identity

Standards for colors, fonts and logos, the guide unites the school and university communities under one brand identity, giving our institution a familiar and welcoming presence our audiences will recognize, while enabling the Gradaute School of Education and its sub-brands to communicate our unique identities.

If you have any questions, please contact the Assistant Dean for Communications and Marketing at

Note: These guidelines are intended to complement, not supersede, the UB visual identity guidelines. Consult the visual identity section of UB's brand site for details.

Our palette represents the vibrant and tenacious nature of our community, as well as our rigorous academic standards and storied history.
Our brand has a number of graphic tools that create a unique look and make us distinct from our peers and instantly recognizable. When they’re used consistently, these elements create continuity within our family of materials, across a variety of media.
Correct usage of the Graduate School of Education's logo and images available for download.
Photographs are a powerful tool to help tell the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education's unique story.
Typography is a robust vehicle for our brand voice. It contributes to how our messages are read and communicated.